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Absolutely Stunning

We cannot thank ANH Digital Media enough for the tremendous job they did of our event. Attention to detail is second to none and thank you so much Fran for putting my staff at ease for the takes.

Thank You So Much

Hi Alan, this is fantastic, wonderful editing especially on the speaking from Paul. Fantastic, this is shaping up to be absolutely spectacular. Can't wait to see Malcolm's and Ian's footage. Wow!!

We had our doubts

My marketing team had our doubts about whether we could achieve our objectives on the budget we had. How wrong we were. Thank you - we are back on track thanks to ANH DIGITAL MEDIA 


Stainforth 4 All

Posted by anhdigitalmedia275 on July 15, 2016
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We received a phone call today from Meg Allen asking if we were available to film a documentary. This is to be done over the period of a year, following the progress of determined members of the Stainforth community, who have clearly had enough and want CHANGE. By taking it upon themselves to pool all their skills, talents and resources, they want to make their community great again. We hope this documentary will be an

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